25 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi

Providence Polisini Ziyaret

             25 Nisan 2011 pazartesi gunu  ilk once saat 09.00 sehir polisinin special victims unitini ziyaret ettik. Burada birimin sorumlusu Detective Sergeant William Merandi bize biriminde yaptiklari isleri anlatti. Birimin ozetle isleri sunlar:

Special Victims Unit (SVU)

Detective Sergeant
William Merandi
Commanding Officer
SVU: 243-6236
The mission of the Special Victims Unit is to thoroughly investigate every complaint of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence within the family unit, and crimes against the elderly population. Furthermore, the SVU is also responsible for all Sex Offenders living in the City of Providence who have been released from prison, placed on probation/parole, moved to the City of Providence from another state or attend school/work in the City of Providence.
Lastly, community notification of Sex Offenders who have been assessed a Level by the Sex Offender Community Notification Board will be the responsibility of the Special Victims Unit. The Special Victims Unit is comprised of seven (7) detectives and two (2) full time Law Enforcement Advocates.

Sex Offenders
The State of Rhode Island maintains a Statewide Online Registry for Level II and Level III Sex Offenders organized by community and zipcode.

Ayrica Rhode islindda State police, itfaiye gibi birimlerin en ustunde Public Safety Commisionerin bulundugunu ogrendik. Organizasyinun chartini asagidaki linkte bulabilirsiniz.

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